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Solar powered mini capstans

We engineer and manufacture custom designed capstans in any shape and size. For this project we were asked to provide a winching solution for a remote and powerless area. Our off grid solar powered system provides the required energy for a 1.5kW capstan, giving it a hauling speed of ±15m/min and a running pull capacity of 500kg!

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Hands-on training mooring equipment

With the arrival of the (first) vessel, our service engineers returned to the various terminals where we recently delivered our mooring equipment, to make sure that integration of our equipment runs smoothly and to provide hands-on training to the terminal operators. By providing onsite training, the operators will know exactly how to handle the equipment safely and correctly and be able to identify and resolve problems themselves.

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Urgent delivery of mooring equipment to terminal in Germany

End of November we were called by a German client as they were facing a problem at the LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel. This terminal is located in the North of Germany, along the Elbe river, close to Hamburg. The client had several mooring hook units which have been rejected after an inspection. With a ship coming in within a few weeks, Straatman was asked to deliver new triple Quick Release Mooring Hook units in just three weeks.

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Straatman has all kinds of dredging equipment to offer

Straatman is an established manufacturer and supplier and well known in the dredging industry for the quality and reliability of our products. Through the years we developed our dredging equipment program, delivering our products all around the world. We have our own factory in the Netherlands, which keeps the lines short and we can ensure quality of our processes and products. Our enthusiastic and well educated team is committed on every level. Delivering high quality products is our number one priority!

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Complete FSRU Mooring system for LNG terminal Finland

With the coldest part of the year kicking in, our team of engineers keep on rocking! In the cold and harsh environment of wintry Finland, we commissioned the complete mooring system for a newly built floating LNG terminal at Fortum’s Inkoo port, which is located at the Southern coast of Finland.

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Mooring equipment LNG terminal Wilhelmshaven Germany

Last week we commissioned the complete mooring system for Germany’s first FSRU-based LNG Terminal, located in Wilhelmshaven in the North of Germany along the North Sea coast. The terminal will facilitate LNG import into the European market. Mid-December, the first FSRU can be docked.

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Impressive mooring projects approaching final stage in our factory

We currently have several impressive mooring projects approaching their final stage in our factory, all of which will be ready for shipment by the end of this month. 

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Gastech | Singapore | 5 - 8 September 2023

Hope to meet you at Gastech in Singapore in 2023!

Straatman will participate as an exhibitor at the Gastech Exhibition & Conference. The event will take place from 5 - 8 September 2023 at Singapore Expo in Singapore. Visit our booth C386 to learn more about our mooring products and latest developments.

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Bow discharge assembly installed on Galveston Island

Earlier this year, this impressive 25 ton bow discharge assembly left our factory in Zwijndrecht, ready to be built on the Galveston Island, a new hopper dredger of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company. The dredger is now ready to be launched and expected to be ready for operations in the first half 2023.

Proud to see our product on this dredger, bright and shiny like a star!

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Mooring system for LNG terminal Paldiski, Estonia

The complete mooring system for LNG terminal Paldiski in Estonia is commissioned last week and ready for use.

We are incredibly proud of the Straatman team! This project had a very challenging time scheme, as the LNG terminal needed to be operational within 6 months.

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