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Berthing Aid Systems for MET Terminal Rotterdam

In collaboration with Radio Holland, we have executed a project for the Maatschappelijk Europort Terminal (MET). We provided new Berthing Aid Displays, suitable for Hazardous areas, a new windsensor, and our MoorControl Software. We also repurposed existing lasers to interface with our new BAS displays.

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Service visit QRMH and BAS Poland

Recently, our engineers visited the Alfa Terminal in Szczecin, Poland. This terminal is specialized in the trans-shipment and storage of bulk cargo and liquid chemical cargo.

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Mooring project Equinor Kårstø terminal

The mooring project for Equinor Kårstø terminal in Norway has been completed in our factory and on its way to Norway. The Kårstø processing plant, located in the north of Stavanger, is the largest of its kind in Europe. The plant plays a key role in the transport and processing of gas and condensate from major sites of the northern parts of the North Sea.

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Site inspection Brunei LNG, Quick Release Mooring Hooks

In 2011, James Fischer Strainstall supplied a complete mooring system to Brunei LNG consisting among others of multiple Quick Release Mooring Hooks and a Berthing Aid System. As part of our take over agreement with Strainstall, which enables Straatman to provide OEM spares to all Strainstalls historical Quick Release Hook projects as well as providing system upgrades and on-site support and servicing, our colleague Gertjan executed a site inspection at Brunei LNG last week.

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Hands-on training mooring equipment

Upon the initial vessel's arrival, our service engineers revisited the multiple terminals where our mooring equipment was recently installed. Their objective is to ensure the smooth integration of our equipment and to provide comprehensive hands-on training to terminal operators. This direct, onsite training is essential for equipping operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the equipment safely and effectively. By empowering operators to identify and address potential challenges independently, we enhance operational efficiency and reduce reliance on external support. This proactive approach not only fosters a sense of confidence and competence among operators but also contributes to the overall reliability and performance of our mooring systems.

Through diligent oversight and targeted training initiatives, we remain committed to delivering continuous service and support to our clients, ensuring the seamless operation of their terminals.

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Complete FSRU Mooring system for LNG terminal Finland

With the coldest part of the year kicking in, our team of engineers keep on rocking! In the cold and harsh environment of wintry Finland, we commissioned the complete mooring system for a newly built floating LNG terminal at Fortum’s Inkoo port, which is located at the Southern coast of Finland.

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Mooring equipment LNG terminal Wilhelmshaven Germany

Last week we commissioned the complete mooring system for Germany’s first FSRU-based LNG Terminal, located in Wilhelmshaven in the North of Germany along the North Sea coast. The terminal will facilitate LNG import into the European market. Mid-December, the first FSRU can be docked.

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Straatman and Strainstall collaboration celebration

After 9 months of working virtually, it was great to meet in person at last!

Straatman and James Fisher Strainstall celebrate the first nine months of our relationship in servicing Strainstall’s legacy quick release hook customers. Due to Covid restrictions all contacts between Strainstall and Straatman have been online until last week, when we finally met in person.

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Mooring project for Polimery Police

We are approaching completion of the engineering and production phase on one of our major projects of 2021; The Polimery Police project.

Polimery Police in Northwest Poland is one of the largest petrochemical projects currently implemented in Central and Eastern Europe, and includes a handling and storage terminal as well as logistics infrastructure.

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BAS project including EMS for Pertamina Balikpapan

Recently, we finished a Berthing Aid System (in short BAS) project including Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)  for our customer Pertamina EP for their refinery in Balikpapan, which is located in the Indonesian part of Borneo, Kalimantan. This project included handheld systems and software integration of all products to the client’s systems.

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