Mooring load monitoring system

The Straatman mooring load monitoring system (MLMS) is a system that shows continuous measurement of the load on the quick release hooks. The quick release hooks are equipped with a load cell, to measure the mooring loads on the separate hooks.

Visualization, history of the mooring loads and the alarms set by the client, are integrated in our software platform. Once a vessel is moored to the dolphin, the actual load value of each load cell will be sent to the monitoring software. The online dashboard shows the data of the load on each line and when the maximum load limits are exceeded, the operators will be warned immediately. 

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The mooring loads and alarms can be viewed and recorded in various ways:

  • Display(s) on the hook itself
  • TFT color monitor in the control room
  • Display(s) integrated in a control panel (in combination with remote control)


Integration with a berthing aid system

The mooring load monitoring system can also be integrated in a berthing aid system. All data will be monitored, visualized and recorded in a single system.


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Installation of a mooring load monitoring system

The Mooring Load Monitoring System can be installed on new quick release hooks units in our factory or be placed afterwards on-site. Our engineers developed a lightweight and mobile system so that the normally time consuming and weather reliant method of using a crane for on-site installation of load monitoring is not necessary anymore. 

Mooring Load Monitoring Systems MLMS

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