Mooring load monitoring system

The Straatman Mooring Load Monitoring System (MLMS) is a cutting-edge system designed for the continuous assessment of load on quick release hooks. These hooks are fitted with a special load cell that meticulously measures the mooring loads on each individual hook. 

Our software platform integrates visualization of the mooring loads, historical data, and client-specified alarms. When a vessel is securely moored to the dolphin, each load cell's actual load value is immediately transmitted to the monitoring software. This digital dashboard provides a clear representation of the load on every line. Should the loads surpass the predetermined maximum limits, immediate alerts will be sent to the operators, ensuring prompt action.

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The mooring loads and alarms can be viewed and recorded in various ways:

  • Direct display(s) on the hook.
  • A high-definition TFT color monitor situated in the control room.
  • Integrated displays in a specialized control panel, which can be paired with remote control capabilities.

Integration with a berthing aid system

The mooring load monitoring system can also be seamlessly integrated within a berthing aid system. This approach ensures that all pertinent data is monitored, visualized, and archived within a unified system.

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Installation of a mooring load monitoring system

Installing the Mooring Load Monitoring System offers flexibility. It can either be integrated with new quick release hook units directly in our manufacturing facility or be retrofitted on-site to existing setups. Our team of skilled engineers has crafted a system that is both lightweight and easily transportable. This innovation eliminates the traditionally labor-intensive and weather-dependent requirement of using cranes for on-site load monitoring installations. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in the installation process.

Mooring Load Monitoring Systems MLMS
"A yearly maintenance and inspection visit is required according to the internal guidelines of the OCIMF/SIGGTO Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide. One highlight of our service is the flexibility in installing or replacing the Mooring Load Monitoring System".

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