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Quality control – adhesion test

At Straatman Dredging & Construction, everything revolves around the quality of our high-quality products and services. To check and demonstrate that the adhesion of a coating is good and therefore adheres properly to the product, we regularly carry out a pull-off adhesion test or so-called adhesion test. The adhesive strength of paint and coatings is a crucial element to give the material the basic functions of protection.

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Ensuring Quality and Preventing Corrosion

To ensure the quality of our high-quality coating, we carry out various quality checks. One of the checks we can perform is the so-called Holiday Test. With the help of calibrated equipment, we check for small, invisible holes (pinholes) in the coating.

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From Construction to Coating

We have completed another beautiful project for one of our clients. It involves the construction, welding, and preservation of 4 special frames for solar panels. All specialties of Straatman Dredging and Construction were involved in this cool project.

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Powder coating of aluminum parts

At Straatman Dredging & Construction we powder coat aluminum parts for various clients daily. One of our customers asked us to powder-coat aluminum chimney caps. Since these are used outdoors and high demands are placed on the quality, a special multi-layer powder coating system is used for this.

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Colorful projects

You can have any color, as long as it is black” is a quote from Henry Ford, which we can adhere to from time to time. Simply because we powder coat a lot of construction parts in black. But now we have to admit color…

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Multi-layer Wet Painting of a Dredging Ball-Joint

Recently, we completed a beautiful project: We blasted and wet painted a dredging ball joint in a 3-layer system. For this assignment, we applied a paint system from the brand International.

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