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Production of quick release ball joint ø800

We can’t look into a crystal ball, but when we build it from steel we can make some predictions.

Like for this quick release ball joint ø800, which we finished last week after a successful final acceptance test with our client. This special ball joint will be used on an advanced diamond recovery vessel, and we predict it will be there for a long time😉

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Happy to share our latest dredging equipment projects

Our Straatman Dredging & Construction Team has been on fire and we are proud to share our latest achievements with you!. Read more about our latest collaborations and dredging equipment projects currently in production.

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2 pcs of inner balls male part of a bow coupling

Within a challenging lead time we produced 2 pcs. of inner balls for the male part of a bow coupling ø1000-15°-24/30 Bar. These parts are executed with wear resistant cones aiming to decrease wear and tear as long as possible. All the welds are performed with special hard facing top welds. Complete design, construction, welding and machining is executed in our factory in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.

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Several smart-looking projects reaching finale stage

Several interesting, challenging and smart-looking projects are reaching their final stage or are ready for shipment to various destinations all over de world: Various Quick release Mooring Hooks, Smart Bollards and Parts of bow couplings.

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Straatman has all kinds of dredging equipment to offer

Straatman is an established manufacturer and supplier and well known in the dredging industry for the quality and reliability of our products. Through the years we developed our dredging equipment program, delivering our products all around the world. We have our own factory in the Netherlands, which keeps the lines short and we can ensure quality of our processes and products. Our enthusiastic and well educated team is committed on every level. Delivering high quality products is our number one priority!

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Bow discharge assembly installed on Galveston Island

Earlier this year, this impressive 25 ton bow discharge assembly left our factory in Zwijndrecht, ready to be built on the Galveston Island, a new hopper dredger of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company. The dredger is now ready to be launched and expected to be ready for operations in the first half 2023.

Proud to see our product on this dredger, bright and shiny like a star!

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Our mooring and dredging expertise combined

A couple of years ago we used our expertise to design remotely operated 250 tons quick release hooks, equipped with a solar powered hydraulic powerpack. These are used by a mega cutter suction dredger on their left and right anchor line pontoons, for safe deployment and operation. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea or river bed.

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Busy days in our factory for dredging equipment

These are busy days for dredging companies! At the moment there are many projects and dredgers deployed around the world, and when the dredgers are doing their hard work at sea they require a lot of new equipment, as can be seen in our factory at the moment.

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Bow discharge coupling unit for Damen Dredging Equipment

Last year, Straatman was awarded an order for a bow discharge coupling unit, by Damen Dredging Equipment. Straatman completed the engineering and production of this impressive 50 ton assembly at our factory in Zwijndrecht.

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Production of draghead with turtle deflector

For one of our dredging customers, we are currently producing a draghead, knife type with movable vizor, adjustable water-inlet over the knives, jet nozzles and turtle deflector. Although we have been making products for the dredging industry since 1965, this is our first draghead with a turtle deflector.

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