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Commissioning mooring system LNG Terminal Stade

Another successful project in the books! This time, we commissioned the complete mooring system for Germany's Stade LNG Terminal, located in the north of the country.

This terminal, known as the Hanseatic Energy Hub, will play an important role in facilitating LNG imports and securing Germany's supply.

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Efficient In-hook Loadcell Calibration LNG berth Malaysia

Our recent project with Petronas involved the calibrating of the Mooring Load Monitoring Systems on their LNG Berth in Malaysia, equipped with Strainstall Quick Release Mooring Hooks.

In line with our takeover agreement with Strainstall three years ago, our engineers conducted a comprehensive inspection and verification of the current status of the Load Monitoring Systems. Post-verification, faulty load cells, and amplifiers were replaced to ensure the full berth was calibrated and operational again.

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