We offer durable and cost-effective mooring solutions for the safe and efficient handling of mooring lines. In-house production and extensive guarantee.

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Remote monitored solar systems & generators

We offer cutting edge mooring solutions for varied applications and projects worldwide. In-house production and extensive guarantee. ATEX certified products.

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Quick release mooring hooks - from factory to Florida

It feels like yesterday that we received this nice order for the delivery of our quick release mooring hooks. Within a challenging time frame of 12 weeks form order, these quick release hooks have been installed on location.

40 tons quick release hooks

For this project in Tampa, Florida we have produced quick release mooring hooks with a safe working load (SWL) of 40 tons. This means each single mooring hook can withstand a force of 40 tons. Moreover our hooks can be released easily at full load. This have been tested in our own factory in The Netherlands, where we can test our quick release mooring hooks up to a SWL of 250 tons.

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Quick release hooks with wireless remote control and solar system

Succesfull delivery of 4 sets of 100T quick release mooring hooks to be used on mooring buoys. The quick release mooring hooks are equipped with a remote controlled release system. Power supply is generated by Straatman’s solar system.

Client: Ghana Petroleum Mooring Systems

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Quick Release Mooring Hooks for Buoys

Delivery of 6 sets of double 100T quick release mooring hook units, executed with remote controlled release system. Straatman’s quick release mooring hooks are us on several mooring buoy applications.

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8x QRMH 100-4 with MLMS, automatic release and Berthing Aid System

Recently we completed a mooring hook project with a successful factory acceptance test as result. This project contained 8 sets of quadruple quick release mooring hooks of 100T. All hook units were ordered with full options, including automatic release, integrated mooring load monitoring system, explosion proof certified and integrated capstans.

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Solar powered 250T quick release mooring hooks

Custom build 250T quick release mooring hooks to be used on side wire pontoons. The quick release mooring hooks are equipped with hydraulic cylinders for automatic release. Hydraulic power is generated by a solar powered hydraulic powerpack. Besides a working light and AIS, the solar system is equipped with an integrated remote control system, enabling the operators to release the hooks from the vessel in case of emergency. This innovative system ensures efficiency and safety for both human and equipment and moreover contributes to the benefits of our environment.

Client: Boskalis

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