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Due to Christmas and New Year, our company will be closed from 23 December 2019 to 1 January 2020. On behalf of all our partners and employees we wish you very happy holidays!

Vanwege de feestdagen zijn wij gesloten van 23 december 2019 tot en met 1 januari 2020. Namens alle medewerkers wensen wij u hele fijne feestdagen!

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Our testing machine: ensuring safety and quality [with video]

On our website and on our blogs, we often mention our testing machine. And with good reason, because we believe that this machine is a crucial part of our production process. Our team tests every hook extensively, so we can guarantee that our clients purchase machines that they can rely on for 100%. But how does this testing process work, and what do we focus on? You will know when you read this blog and watch the video!

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Straatman secures Finkenwerder project in Germany - Port of Hamburg!

Machinefabriek L. Straatman wins order for Finkenwerder project in Germany! We are happy to announce that we have secured a new order for our solar power supply systems in combination with our quick release mooring hooks to be delivered to the Port of Hamburg.

The systems will be installed on 19 Dolphins in the Elbe close to the Finkenwerder area.

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‘In-house production is the only option if you want to guarantee quality’

Straatman is the only producer of Quick Release Mooring Hooks in the world with its own in-house production facility. Sales Manager Maarten Verboom is very adamant about this: ‘If we want to be the market leader in Quick Release Hooks, safeguarding the quality will always be our key concern and this means that, for us, in-house production is the only option.’ To demonstrate this conclusion, Straatman takes us on a tour of the production process. Read this article and discover the unique advantages Straatman offers against a very competitive price.

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Quick Release Mooring Hooks 100T - with electric release remote controlled

Our in-house designed, produced and tested quick release hooks can be delivered with remote controlled release options. In this case we supplied 8 sets of double 100T quick release mooring hooks units.

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Capstans for safe berthing and mooring operations

We offer durable and cost-effective mooring solutions for the safe and efficient handling of mooring lines. In-house production and extensive guarantee.

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Remote monitored solar systems & generators

We offer cutting edge mooring solutions for varied applications and projects worldwide. In-house production and extensive guarantee. ATEX certified products.

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Quick release mooring hooks - from factory to Florida

It feels like yesterday that we received this nice order for the delivery of our quick release mooring hooks. Within a challenging time frame of 12 weeks form order, these quick release hooks have been installed on location.

40 tons quick release hooks

For this project in Tampa, Florida we have produced quick release mooring hooks with a safe working load (SWL) of 40 tons. This means each single mooring hook can withstand a force of 40 tons. Moreover our hooks can be released easily at full load. This have been tested in our own factory in The Netherlands, where we can test our quick release mooring hooks up to a SWL of 250 tons.

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Quick release hooks with wireless remote control and solar system

Succesfull delivery of 4 sets of 100T quick release mooring hooks to be used on mooring buoys. The quick release mooring hooks are equipped with a remote controlled release system. Power supply is generated by Straatman’s solar system.

Client: Ghana Petroleum Mooring Systems

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