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Our mooring and dredging expertise combined

A couple of years ago we used our expertise to design remotely operated 250 tons quick release hooks, equipped with a solar powered hydraulic powerpack. These are used by a mega cutter suction dredger on their left and right anchor line pontoons, for safe deployment and operation. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea or river bed.

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Production of draghead with turtle deflector

For one of our dredging customers, we are currently producing a draghead, knife type with movable vizor, adjustable water-inlet over the knives, jet nozzles and turtle deflector. Although we have been making products for the dredging industry since 1965, this is our first draghead with a turtle deflector.

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Straatman developed a smart bollard in collaboration with Port of Rotterdam

Along the quay of the Hutchison Ports ECT Delta terminal on the Maasvlakte, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has installed a smart bollard as part of a trial. The smart bollard was developed in collaboration with Straatman BV. By measuring the strain on the mooring lines in real time, the bollard not only allows the real-time monitoring of safety, but it also provides a clearer picture of which vessels can moor at which quays.

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Quick release hooks with solar hydraulic powerpack for mega cutter suction dredger

Sometimes you have a project that makes you aware again of all the possibilities of the products you make. These projects require all your in-house expertise to make the perfect product that meets the customers demand. The project we completed in our factory this week is such a project. 

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Straatman accepts order for Solar powered lighting poles

We are happy to announce that we accepted an order for the design, production and supply of 36 autonomous Solar powered lighting poles for the waiting area of a port in the south of the Netherlands.

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Straatman is an official reseller for the products of Navicom Dynamics

We are happy to announce that we are now an official reseller of the products of Navicom Dynamics Limited. We are excited to be adding a quality extension to our own manufactured product portfolio and are confident that the collaboration with Navicom Dynamics brings an added value to our corresponding customers and markets.

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Your reliable partner for dredging equipment

The high quality of our products and the experience and service that we provide, secured our company for being one of the most solid partners and suppliers for dredging companies worldwide.

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Power buoy for Lekki Terminal Nigeria

Unloading petroleum from a ship to the oil handling storage facility onshore is a complicated process. To be able to do this, the ship can for example moor offshore and the oil can be transferred through pipelines between the offshore mooring facility and the onshore storage terminal.  

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Dredge spud clamp ø1300

Client: Dredge spud clamp ø1300

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