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Efficient In-hook Loadcell Calibration LNG berth Malaysia

Our recent project with Petronas involved the calibrating of the Mooring Load Monitoring Systems on their LNG Berth in Malaysia, equipped with Strainstall Quick Release Mooring Hooks.

In line with our takeover agreement with Strainstall three years ago, our engineers conducted a comprehensive inspection and verification of the current status of the Load Monitoring Systems. Post-verification, faulty load cells, and amplifiers were replaced to ensure the full berth was calibrated and operational again.

Team service Load monitoring QRH LNG terminalA yearly maintenance and inspection visit is required according to the internal guidelines of the OCIMF/SIGGTO Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide. One highlight of our service is the flexibility in installing or replacing the Mooring Load Monitoring System. Besides that it can seamlessly integrate with new quick-release hook units in our manufacturing facility, they can easily be retrofitted on-site to existing setups.  Our clever engineering team has designed a lightweight and easily transportable system, eliminating the need for labor-intensive and weather-dependent crane usage in on-site load monitoring installations. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in the installation process.

Read more about our Mooring Load Monitoring Systems on Quick Release Mooring Hooks .

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