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Quality control – adhesion test

At Straatman Dredging & Construction, everything revolves around the quality of our high-quality products and services. To check and demonstrate that the adhesion of a coating is good and therefore adheres properly to the product, we regularly carry out a pull-off adhesion test or so-called adhesion test. The adhesive strength of paint and coatings is a crucial element to give the material the basic functions of protection.

Adhesion test coating Straatman

This test is carried out 7-14 days after coating on a special test plate, which is coated in the same way as the actual product. A special dolly is glued to the coated surface with an adhesive. This dolly is connected to calibrated test equipment where the force is measured and recorded that is needed to pull the dolly loose. During the test, the pressure slowly increases until the coating or part of it comes off. If the measured value is above the standard limit of 5 MPa, there is optimal adhesion. All this is recorded by Straatman Dredging & Constructionin a report that forms part of the basis for the coating certificate.

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