Coating dredging ball joint Straatman
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Multi-layer Wet Painting of a Dredging Ball-Joint

Recently, we completed a beautiful project: We blasted and wet-painted a ball joint in a 3-layer system. For this assignment, we applied a paint system from the brand International.

Preparation for Wet Painting

The wet painting of this ball joint requires a lot of preparation, as certain machined parts must remain free of paint. These surfaces are taped off before blasting with specially designed tape. In our blasting cabin, this ball-joint was blasted to a cleanliness degree of SA 2.5. According to the ISO8503 standard, the blasted surfaces are checked before applying the first coat of paint.

Painting dredging ball joint Straatman

Multi-layer Wet Painting

This ball joint, which is used on the back of a cutter suction dredger, must of course be optimally protected against corrosion. For this, we applied a system that falls under the highest protection class C5M according to ISO12944. In our conditioned spray booth, where temperature and humidity are continuously monitored, all three layers of paint were applied. Each layer of paint is checked both visually and actual layer thickness measurements. These checks are recorded and included in our paint report. This is an important part of our quality assurance because in the end, only the last layer is visible. In this case, a beautiful glossy coating in the color RAL9005 with a minimum dry layer thickness of 250 microns.


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