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Colorful projects

"You can have any color, as long as it is black” is a quote from Henry Ford, which we can adhere to from time to time. Simply because we powder coat a lot of construction parts in black. But now we have to admit color…

Powder Coating in Various Colors

A large part of our clients are machine builders. From various markets, ranging from fruit sorters to processing machines or logistical machinery. A diversity of clients gives color to our organization and processes, but the real coloring we do, of course, with powder coating.

Straatman coating specialist

Added Value of Powder Coating

With this activity, we add value to our clients for whom we do all the welding and construction work. Not least because we have the entire process under control. Above all, we eliminate transport with the associated costs, limit quality risks, and Straatman Dredging & Construction contributes to shorter project lead times for its customers.

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