Powering Single Point Mooring Buoys with Solar Energy

A SPM buoy has the ability to provide operational capability and communication systems for remote subsea structures. For this application we can design, engineer and deliver an easy to mount all-in-one skid with all kind of necessary equipment including a solar power system that can power all the electrical components onboard of the SPM buoy. The skid, prewired and tested, can for example be installed on top of the buoy. The solar power system can provide power to all electrical systems onboard of the buoy. When adding a telemetry unit, data from the system can be monitored remotely at real time.

We can design and engineer custom made solar powered skids for SPM buoys including the following options:

  • ATEX zone 1 or ATEX zone 2
  • Data logging through Lora, GPRS, satelite or UHF
  • Remote control by advanced telemetry system

Solar power system for power buoy for Lekki, Nigeria

For Orwell Offshore we have designed, engineered and produced various equipment for a new Power Buoy for the CBM System at Lekki Free Trade Zone Nigeria, which is a petroleum handling facility.

The equipment is placed in and around a specifically designed container which is placed on the power buoy and the main function is to control the valves in the transport pipes, which are located 60 meters below water. The container is equipped with the following items:

  • Complete Solar Power System, powering all electrical systems onboard of the power buoy, St Andrews cross, Radar reflectors, Marine lantern, automatic Fog detector and fog horn
  • Environmental data is gathered by an integrated wind sensor and current sensor built into the buoy design
  • A GPS module, to be able to monitor the position of the buoy

Data from this system is transmitted to the control room and on the Portable Telemetry Unit based on UHF technology made available to the pilots.

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Solar powered mini capstans

We engineer and manufacture custom designed capstans in any shape and size. For this project we were asked to provide a winching solution for a remote and powerless area. Our off grid solar powered system provides the required energy for a 1.5kW capstan, giving it a hauling speed of ±15m/min and a running pull capacity of 500kg!

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Our mooring and dredging expertise combined

A couple of years ago we used our expertise to design remotely operated 250 tons quick release hooks, equipped with a solar powered hydraulic powerpack. These are used by a mega cutter suction dredger on their left and right anchor line pontoons, for safe deployment and operation. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea or river bed.

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Calandkanaal mooring project ready for installation

After a lot of hard work in the last months of last year, we are happy to inform you that we have successfully completed the assembly and testing of the 24 ATEX and Safe Area solar systems for the expansion of the berths 81 and 82 in the Calandkanaal, Port of Rotterdam. All systems were completely tested in our factory to ensure a smooth and efficient installation on site coming April 2022.

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