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Power buoy for Lekki Terminal Nigeria

Unloading petroleum from a ship to the oil handling storage facility onshore is a complicated process. To be able to do this, the ship can for example moor offshore and the oil can be transferred through pipelines between the offshore mooring facility and the onshore storage terminal.  

Recently we delivered Quick Release Hooks and Solar Power Systems including an advanced telemetry system for mooring buoys for the Lekki Terminal in Nigeria, which is a petroleum handling facility.

For the same project, we received an order for the design, engineering and production of various equipment, combined in one container to be installed on a power buoy. In a few days, the end of this masterpiece project will leave our factory.

Equipment for power buoy

This container will be placed on top of the buoy and the main function is to control the valves in the transport pipes, which are located 60 meters below water. An advanced Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is installed in the container in order to activate the valves.

Besides the system that controls the valves, the container is equipped with the following items:

  • Outside the container we have installed a complete Solar Power System, that will power all electrical systems onboard of the power buoy
  • On top we have placed the necessary markings, like St Andrews cross, Radar reflectors and Marine lantern
  • To be able to monitor the surroundings, there is a wind sensor installed on top of the buoy and below the buoy a current sensor is installed to measure the sea conditions.
  • A GPS module is placed on top to be able to monitor the position of the buoy
  • To allow a safe and comfortable working environment, every side of the container has work lights
  • On the back there is a fog detector and fog horn. This system will send out an acoustic morse signal in case of fog.

Data from this system will be available and controlled in the control room located at the terminal and on the Portable Telemetry Unit based on UHF technology.

The complete project was designed, build and tested in our factory in Zwijndrecht. We are proud to have another satisfied customer!

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