Environmental monitoring system

As an integrated solution, the berthing aid system can be extended with the environmental monitoring system (EMS). The most basic option consists of a wind speed and direction sensor. However, often more sensors are added, in order to provide the pilots and operators with meteorological data or defining the operational limits as this increasing the overall safety. Most sensors are available for hazardous areas, should this be required. 

For oceanographical data, the standard instrumentation consists of a wave and tide sensor and a current sensor. The instrumentation offered is robust and has been designed to minimize maintenance.

Straatman environmental-monitoring-system

Key benefits of the environmental monitoring system:

  • Useful integration with the berthing aid system
  • Reliable measurement of environmental conditions
  • Basic option consists of wind speed and direction sensor, more options can be provided
  • Low maintenance and robust instrumentation



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Better decisions with a full scope of measurements

The environmental monitoring system helps pilots and operators to make better decisions, because they can use real-time data to ensure a safe berthing operation. 

Information about the weather conditions can be provided to the marine personnel or to the vessel or to anyone else involved in the berthing process of the vessel. 

Environmental monitoring system

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