Our quick release towing hook (also known as a disc hook) is especially designed to guarantee safe operation on work boats, supply vessels, harbor, coastal, fire fighting and tugboats. It is available with manual or remote release, and can be customized with different load capacities and materials.

Quick release towing hooks - type GSH

The Straatman type GSH quick release towing hook is engineered with the primary focus of ensuring safe and efficient operations on a variety of maritime vessels, including work boats, supply ships, harbor, coastal, firefighting, and tugboats. 

The GSH towing hook can be operated manually through a lever or a rope, requiring no more than 33 pounds of effort at full capacity. Its design incorporates a two-step release mechanism that guards against accidental opening. Additionally, the disc's counterbalanced design ensures that it can be manually reset very easily. When released, the disc's rotation reduces the energy impact to a minimum. 

Offered in a versatile range, the Straatman type GSH quick release towing hook is available with Safe Working Load (SWL) capacities from 15 to 100 tonnes, accommodating various needs and applications within the maritime industry.


  • Spring loaded shock absorber
  • Customized designs
  • Local hydraulic or pneumatic release
  • Remote controlled release
  • Load monitoring system
  • Hook foundation / bracket / towing post

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Quick release of a towing hook

This video shows the principal function of our quick-release towing hook. In this case, it concerns a GSH-15 (SWL 15 tonnes), which is released manually by means of a rope.

Testing of quick release towing hooks

At our facility, every quick-release towing hook is tested using our calibrated 3,500 kN hydraulic testing machine to ensure reliability and safety.

For our disc-type towing hooks, the GSH and BG-7 models, we conduct a rigorous evaluation at 200% of the designated safe working load (SWL). The exception to this standard is the GSH-100 model, for which the testing is performed at 150% of the SWL. Additionally, each hook undergoes a release performance test at the safe working load to confirm the quality and efficiency of the release mechanism.

Should you wish to have the tests independently observed, you are welcome to have them witnessed by any classification authority of your choosing.

Upon completion of the tests, both factory and witness test certificates will be provided. These documents will be included in the user manual and construction file, giving you instant access to all the necessary certification and information for your towing hooks.

Quick Release Hooks test certificates
Quick Release Towing Hook


In addition to our standard range of quick-release towing hooks, we offer the flexibility to produce and supply a wide range of options and customized designs to fit your specific needs. 

Thanks to our in-house engineering and production departments, we are equipped to quickly and effectively respond to special requests, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with precision and efficiency. 

In collaboration with one of our strategic partners, we have recently developed a hydraulic-powered shock absorber, specifically designed for our smaller range of quick-release towing hooks. 

As shown in the image to the left, we also produced the integrated foundations for this project. These were designed to be welded directly to the deck surface of the tugboat.

Quick release towing hook – type GMH

Depending on project requirements and specific design details, our quick-release mooring hook, model GMH, can often be used as a quick-release towing hook. To facilitate this dual functionality, the GMH hook is standard equipped with a device known as a rope keeper.

Technical specifications

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) range: 40 to 100 tonnes
  • Test load: 150%


  • Custom based SWL and proof load
  • Local hydraulic or pneumatic release
  • Remote controlled release
  • Load monitoring system
Quick Release Towing Hook

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Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing 

In-house production in The Netherlands

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Certified on every necessary level

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