Solar power systems for dredging

For dredgers, we design and produce robust solar skids. These green autonomous power supply systems with virtually no downtime can power almost any system on remote locations. It can even be used in harsh environments. Many different battery capacities, output voltage and power are available on request. Read further down to get a better idea of the possibilities based on a number of solar projects for dredging companies.

Solar for dredgers

Solar for mega cutter suction dredger

For one of our dredging customers, we designed 2 remote controlled 250-tons quick release hooks equipped with a solar hydraulic powerpack. The usage of these systems is unique: When deploying their mega cutter suction dredgers, the customer uses our systems on their left and right anchor line pontoons for safe deployment and operation. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea- or riverbed.

By using our Solar-Hydraulic powered remote control solution they can safely and remotely disconnect the anchor lines quickly in case of trouble, upcoming storm or when moving to another spot. By adding AIS, nautic light and working lights to the same system they get an all-in-one complete solution for safe deployment and operation of the pontoons during their 24/7 operational work.

quick release hook with solar pack

Solar powered hydropack for quick release ball joints

For our customer Jan de Nul we custom build a solar powered hydraulic power pack for control of quick release ball joints in floating pipelines. The solar system is equipped with an integrated remote control system, enabling the dredging operators to close or open the quick release ball joints from a safe distance. This innovative system ensures efficiency and safety for both the workers and equipment and moreover contributes to the benefits or our environment.

Solar Skid

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Recent Solar Systems projects

Mooring dolphins at Eemshaven ready for mooring Les Alizés!

Mooring dolphins at Eemshaven in Groningen ready for mooring of Les Alizés!
Located in the most northern part of the Netherlands, these new mooring dolphins at Eemshaven are built to be able to moor Les Alizés, a new floating offshore installation vessel of Jan de Nul for offshore renewables.

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Solar powered mini capstans

We engineer and manufacture custom designed capstans in any shape and size. For this project we were asked to provide a winching solution for a remote and powerless area. Our off grid solar powered system provides the required energy for a 1.5kW capstan, giving it a hauling speed of ±15m/min and a running pull capacity of 500kg!

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Our mooring and dredging expertise combined

A couple of years ago we used our expertise to design remotely operated 250 tons quick release hooks, equipped with a solar powered hydraulic powerpack. These are used by a mega cutter suction dredger on their left and right anchor line pontoons, for safe deployment and operation. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea or river bed.

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