Our quick release mooring hooks type GMH are especially designed to guarantee safe and efficient mooring operations at oil, gas, LNG, chemical, iron, coal and grain jetties. All hooks are available in single and multiple assemblies and can be equipped with a wide range of options.

Quick release mooring hooks for ports, terminals and jetties

The GMH mooring hook can be operated manually with a minimum effort, even at full SWL. A two-step release mechanism prevents accidental opening. All our quick release mooring hooks can be reset manually by means of a simple rotation movement. Rubber blocks absorb the energy impact during the release.

All hooks are tested in our own factory on our calibrated 3,500 kN hydraulic testing machine and all test certificates will be issued as a part of the user manual and construction file. If requested, the test can be witnessed by a classification authority of your choice.

Quick Release Mooring Hook Specifications

A wide range of possibilities

Our quick release mooring hooks are available in a range from 40 up to 200 tons safely handle workloads (SWL) per hook.

Typical mooring hook configurations are:

  • single mooring hooks units;
  • double mooring hook units;
  • triple mooring hook units;
  • quadruple mooring hook units;
  • multiple back-to-back mooring hook units.

On request we can design and produce customized quick release mooring hook units, based on specific requirements. In case of replacement of existing hooks, we can adjust our design to meet the dimensions and patterns of the existing anchors.

Quick Release Hook Alfa Terminal Poland

Quick release hook options

Our quick release mooring hooks can be supplied with a wide range of options, such as:

  • integrated vertical capstans;
  • rope keepers;
  • integrated hydraulic power pack for remote release;
  • remote release system by a control panel or wireless system;
  • integrated load pins;
  • mooring load monitoring system (MLMS) both locally and remote controlled by software;
  • stand alone power supply system based on solar panels;
  • explosion proof components, certified in conformance with ATEX or IECex.

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