Our GMH-type quick release mooring hooks are also frequently used on mooring buoys. They come standard with a rope keeper to prevent the mooring lines from accidentally slipping, like in the event of waves. Typically, these hooks are sold as single units designed to be incorporated into the buoy's structure, but they're also available in multi-hook assemblies.

Quick release hooks for mooring buoys

The GMH standard mooring hook is user-friendly, even when loaded to its full Safe Working Load (SWL). It features a two-step release mechanism to guard against unintentional openings. All our quick-release mooring hooks can be simply reset with a twist. During release, rubber blocks help mitigate the energy impact. 

Our quick release hooks for mooring buoys come in an array of capacities, ranging from 40 to 200 tons (SWL per hook).

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Wide range of options

Using a mooring hook on a buoy poses risks, particularly in rough weather or when the quick release is triggered while under load. We've engineered our products with the safety of mooring operators in mind, incorporating features such as a two-step release mechanism and rubber blocks that cushion energy impacts. 

All our mooring buoy hooks can be equipped with the following options:

  • automatic and remote controlled release;
  • an integrated hydraulic power pack for automatic release;
  • an integrated calibrated load pin;
  • a solar power system;
  • explosion proof components in accordance with ATEX/IECex.

Telemetry system

We've designed a telemetry system that lets port operators manage their mooring buoys remotely for added safety. 

Features of the Straatman Telemetry system include: 

  • integrated load monitoring software;
  • integrated automatic release software;
  • a sophisticated logging functionality storing all alarms, data and activities per vessel;
  • a portable device showing all integrated software, even suitable for a hazardous area (ATEX certified).

Utilizing the Straatman Telemetry System for mooring buoys will result in: 

  • increased safety of operators, equipment and environment;
  • the possibility to respond real quickly on unsafe situations;
  • insight information about mooring data which will lead to improvements.
Software integration

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