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The Ship-to-Shore Link (in short SSL) is an important safety system for any LNG transfer operation, as it prevents the risk of fire, explosion or environmental damages. The main purpose of the Ship- to- Shore Link system is to ensure simultaneous mutual emergency shutdown of ship and shore plants in the event of an abnormality signalled by either ship or shore SIS. Our Straatman Ship-to- Shore Link is an inventive high-end system which is adaptable to customer requirements. We can provide the system in different sizes, configurations and we offer a stand-by service as we know the importance of the Ship-to- Shore Link system during LNG Transfers.

Keeping in mind that it is important to ensure compatibility with third parties worldwide, we designed and built our SSL according to the ISO 28460, ISO 20519, SIGTTO guidelines and SGMF. This ensures the compatibility with third party systems which also complies with the guidelines and recommendations. We can provide the SSL with the following links:

  • 6 pin Furukawa Fibre Optic Link
  • 37 pin Pyle Electric Link
  • 4 pin Pyle Earth Bonding
  • 6 pin Miyaki Electric Link
  • 5 pin SIGTTO Electric Link (Supplier and Receiver Mode)
  • 2 pin ADN Link
  • Pneumatic Link
  • ITT Cannon Link

Depending on the type of project our Ship-to-Shore Link system comes with connector boxes, hand carried reels or fixed storage reels and test equipment. Based on our experience and the requirements, we will determine what is required for the project. Besides the boxes and reels, we can also supply the PABX, Public and Hotline telephones. The Hotline telephone will be compatible with the obsolete Iwatsu T3 unit to allow communication with Hotline phones from third parties.

MLM Data:
As it is quite usual to send MLM data over the Ship-to-Shore Link system, the Straatman SSL allows to send and receive MLM data from third parties over our SSL system. As mentioned in the SIGTTO we will use pin 1 and 2 of the Fibre Optic Link and pin 31,32 and 33 of the 37pin Pyle Link for the MLM Data transfer.

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The Straatman SSL system is in accordance with the ISO 28460 and SIGTTO guidelines. It is compatible with the links as defined in the SIGTTO guidelines. Integration with any specific configuration of the onboard SSL system will be possible with cooperation of shipowner and supplier of onboard SSL system.

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