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The Ship-Shore Link (SSL) primarily ensures simultaneous mutual emergency shutdown of ship and shore plants in the event of an abnormality signalled by either ship or shore SIS. The link remains connected for the entire time that cargo transfer operations take place. Ship-Shore Links also secondarily support communications, telecoms and data.

A standard SSL shall consist of the following connection options:

  • Fibre Optic cable link
  • Electric (copper) cable link
  • Pneumatic hose link with Pneumatic Box (installed with Pressure switch/Solenoid Valve)

In normal operation, only one of the links may be connected and selected at any one time.

The cable and/or hose reels for each Fibre Optic and Electric link are normally installed on the jetty head

adjacent to the loading arms or on the platform below the loading arms

The Control System shall be located in the Jetty Control Room

The Straatman SSL system is in accordance with the ISO 28460 and SIGTTO guidelines. It is compatible with the links as defined in the SIGTTO guidelines. Integration with any specific configuration of the onboard SSL system will be possible with cooperation of shipowner and supplier of onboard SSL system.

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