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Quick Release Mooring Hooks with electric release remote

Quick Release Mooring Hooks

In our own factory in The Netherlands we produce quick release mooring hooks on a daily basis. Each project has its own properties based on the requirements of our clients. More often we receive inquiries for quick release mooring hooks equipped with remote controlled release. Straatman is able to design several customized solutions ranging from hydraulic to electric operated quick release hooks. In combination with local control panels and a central control panel often placed in the port operator control room, we add value to safe and efficient berthing operations.

Remote Controlled Electric Release

For this specific project in Asia our client ordered 8 sets of double 100 Tons quick release mooring hook units, our well known type GMHU 100-2. Each single hook should be equipped with an electric release system to be operated both locally and remotely. An interesting order which suits us perfectly. Especially because the quick release mooring hooks will be used in a hazardous area. This means all components need to comply with ATEX / IECex regulations, which we have a lot of experience and expertise for.
Each quick release mooring hook unit is equipped with a local control panel to release the mooring hooks. Besides that this control panel is equipped with an emergency stop and operation button for the integrated capstan. This ATEX certified capstan can turn both clockwise and counter clockwise, for which the direction can be selected easily on the control panel.
To release each quick release mooring hook, or all hooks on the jetty, Straatman supplied a sophisticated control panel to be placed in the operator room. This panel is equipped with easy to operate push buttons and integrated warning lights indicating if the hooks are open or closed. As this remote control panel is provided with a clear schematic overview of the jetty, the operators have real time information about the status of the quick release mooring hooks.

Successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

We are happy that we supplied a high quality mooring system and proud that we can welcome our clients in our own factory to witness the tests. The factory acceptance test (FAT) has been completed successfully and more over to the satisfaction of our client.
Do you want to experience what our clients see during the FAT? Just click here.

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