With our machinery and know-how we have the possibilities to manufacture almost any kind of construction. We can service our customers from a single product to a complete installation, and if necessary we can also take over the complete engineering. Besides our factory in Zwijndrecht we also have possibilities for casting and to fabricate serial products.

We have a production area of over 4.000 m2 provided with cranes and machinery to handle products up to 25.000 kg. by using a wide range of machinery.

Straatman Design and manufacturing

Inspection and maintenance

In our factory we have skilled and experienced employees and the facilities to do all necessary services such as inspections, repairs, maintenance and tests. Besides that, we have many spare parts in stock, which enables us to deliver quickly.

If requested we can execute on-site inspections as well. If your equipment is in need for inspection and/or maintenance, just give us a call or contact us here.

Our clients are welcome to visit us anytime to witness the maintenance and repair process!

Service of bow coupling dredging

Testing and certification

In our factory we have a Class I hydraulic test machine with a WLL of 3.500 kN. Is your equipment in need of maintenance, inspection, testing and certification? Just give us a call or contact us here.

If required all tests can be witnessed by a surveyor of a third party or any classification society.

Our clients are welcome to visit us anytime to witness the testing and certification process!

Test certificates on every necessary level

What to expect from our Straatman team

In-house production in The Netherlands

Certified on every necessary level

High quality products and excellent service level

Continuous innovation and improvement

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