Capstan Mooring
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Capstans for safe berthing and mooring operations

Mooring capstans

A mooring capstan is a permanent structure used for boat or ship mooring when reaching a port or dock. It is used to get the mooring lines from the ship to the berth. At Straatman, we supply capstans as an integrated part of our quick release mooring hook units. We can also provide them as free-standing vertical capstans, in combination with bollards or basic quick release hooks. In short: we can customize our capstans to suit any application and vessel type.


Safety and Performance

We use electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors to power our robust mooring capstans, making the berthing process safer and easier. The operation height of the capstan can be adjusted to meet practical requirements, and their sturdy construction ensures top performance under all operating conditions. We manufacture capstans that are CE approved and are even capable to supply them with IP68 rating. This guarantees durability and the ability to withstand floods.

Quality Control and Extensive Guarantee

We design, manufacture and test our mooring capstans at our own facilities. This allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards. We also offer extensive guarantee on all our products, and can provide maintenance contracts for all your equipment on request. Our dedicated staff look forward to telling you more about our wide range of products and services.

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