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When size does matter....

From mini, to round shaped and supersized. We can offer customized capstans that meet the highest industry standards, as we design and manufacture them at our own facilities. Currently, we are working on three different capstan projects, all specially designed to meet the clients wishes:

-         To begin with the most specialized project. Our first but probably not last Solar powered ‘Mini Capstan’ packs a punch. In this project we were asked to provide a winching solution for a remote and powerless area. Our off grid solar powered system provides the required energy for a 1.5kW capstan, giving it a hauling speed of ±15m/min and a running pull capacity of 500kg! All this power is packaged in a capstan with a footprint of only 300x300mm, in order to leave as much working space as possible on the existing mono-pile platforms. The system also includes a light for safe working at night. To ensure availability of the capstan this system can keep working for 25 days without sun thanks to the durable battery provided!

-         The Straatman standard, our round capstan, provides a strong and stable base for an 11kW drive assembly, providing an admirable hauling speed of 30m/min and a running pull of 2000kg. In this case the direction of rotation can be chosen by the operator to either clockwise or counterclockwise using a switch on the control cabinet. Anything special about this project? Yes of course, in this case the capstan will be suitable for use in a hazardous area, with the electrical equipment meeting IECEx - Class 1 Division 2 standards.

-         The square type capstan, a special design required by clients who are expanding their berth. In this case all capstans are provided with a drive of 5.5kW to deliver a hauling speed of approximately 25m/min and a running pull of 1000kg. The capstans will be delivered with two foot switches, one for each direction of rotation. These capstans are also for use in a hazardous area, meeting ATEX Zone 1 standards.

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