Testing of Quick release Mooring Hook
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Our testing machine: ensuring safety and quality [with video]

On our website and on our blogs, we are regularly talking about our testing machine. And with good reason, because we believe that this machine is a crucial part of our production process. Our team tests every hook extensively, so we can guarantee that our clients purchase machines that they can rely on for 100%. But how does this testing process work, and what do we focus on? You will know when you read this blog and watch the video!

Testing step 1: visual inspection

The newly coated quick release hook has just been assembled when it enters the testing phase. The assembly is done by following protocols to make sure that the hook has been assembled according to the quality requirements. In the testing phase, the hook is inspected visually as a last check before it can be operational. Are all parts present and properly mounted? Then it is ready for the test bench!

Testing step 2: safe working load

We are now testing the hook at 150% of its safe working load. The hook will probably never have to withstand these kinds of loads ever again but it is good to know that it can handle it. We subject the hook to this load for at least 30 seconds, and when the hook holds, the test has been successful.

Testing step 3: release testing

The most spectacular test is the testing of the release mechanism. The test machine exerts the safe working load on the hook after which we test the quick-release mechanism. We have three options, the manual release, the electric/hydraulic release and pneumatic release. When activating the quick release, the hook lets go with quite a bang. In this video you can see how the test is done:


certificateMany hooks require certification. Thanks to our testing protocol, we can certify the hooks ourselves for a number of quality marks. Other quality marks are given by an external inspector. The inspector is present at all tests and issues the certificate. We have experience with quality marks such as Lloyd's Register, ABS, RMRS, BV, GL, DNV, RINA and TÜV. The quality mark is always added to the user manual.

Test team

Our test team has an important responsibility. We are very proud of our daily and strict control process, but we take even more pride in the fact that no Straatman Quick Release Hook has ever been rejected during the testing phase. A great testimony to our quality!

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