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The high quality of our products and the experience and service that we provide, secured our company for being one of the most solid partners and suppliers for dredging companies worldwide.

In 1965 we entered the dredging market by developing a steel plate ball joint for floating pipe lines in cooperation with dredging company Bos & Kalis.

In the early 80s, Straatman (back then: Van De Graaf) created the very first bow coupling. Nowadays it is one of our best known products. This effective discharge system connects a trailing suction hopper dredger to a floating discharge pipeline. It allows for a quick and controlled discharge of dredged material from the vessel to any location. Today, bow couplings are used worldwide for various applications, including beach and land reclamation, construction and mining applications

Innovative solutions for dredging

Through the years we developed our dredging components program and we now supply products all over the world. With an experience of more than 50 years and continuous product improvement, we meet the requirements of our customers worldwide and have gained a reputation of capability and reliability. We collaborate with other industry leaders to develop innovative and customizable solutions. We can equip our standard bow coupling with various options, such as integrated service frames, rainbow units, flanged connections and wear resistant liners. This makes our bow couplings suitable for any dredging application. In the meantime our main delivery program, besides the mentioned products, consists of turning glands, quick release ball joints and specials like jet water monitors and cold pressed bends

Custom made dredging equipment

As we have a wide range of machinery we can support our clients with custom made products and special designs related to dredging. Specially when it is not limited to just steel works we can add great added value.


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