Bow Coupling
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Straatman invented the bow coupling in the early 80’s

The Proud Creators of Bow Couplings

In the early 80's, Straatman (at the time: Van De Graaf) created the very first bow coupling. This effective discharge system connects a trailing suction hopper dredger to a floating discharge pipeline. It allows for a quick and controlled discharge of dredged material from the vessel to any location. Today, bow couplings are used worldwide for various applications, including beach and land reclamation, construction and mining applications.

Smart Engineering

Bow couplings consist of a ‘female’ and a ‘male’ part. The female part is fixed to the bend of the vessel’s discharge pipe. It has a hydraulically operated locking system that secures the lock pins, and locks and releases the retaining ring. The male part is a heavy duty construction which is connected to the floating pipeline. Our compact and robust bow couplings have a long life-time, are easy to operate and suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Bow Coupling

Ongoing Innovation and Flexible Solutions

Straatman continues to be a leading manufacturer of dredging equipment worldwide. We collaborate with other industry leaders to develop innovative and customizable solutions. We can equip our standard bow coupling with various options, such as integrated service frames, rainbow units, flanged connections and wear resistant liners. This makes our bow couplings suitable for any dredging application.

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Bow Coupling
Bow Coupling

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