Tug boat
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Necessary equipment for tugboats

A tugboat is a type of vessel that can move other ships or boats by pushing or pulling them via towlines. Tugboats are deployed for various purposes, such as maneuvering ships through a harbor, shallow water, rivers, or canal systems. Tugboats can also move barges, oil platforms or drilling rigs.

Quick release towing hooks

Quick release towing hooks guarantee safe handling and can applied for tugboats, work boats and towing winches. Quick release towing hooks ensure easy operation, with optional remote control. All quick release towing hooks are tested by our hydraulic testing machine and come with standard test certificates.

Quick release towing hook for small tugboats

We have developed a small and light towing hook type BG-7, especially created for small tugboats. The design is lighter and cheaper than the standard quick release towing hook. The BG-7 can be operated manually via a lever or a rope with minimum effort, namely of maximum 15 kg at full load. Other features:

  • The secure two-step release mechanism prevents accidental opening
  • It can be reset manually easily, as the disc is counterbalanced
  • During release, the rotation of the disc reduces the energy impact to a minimum
  • It has a safe working load of 7 tonnes, but is tested for double this weight

Want to know more about tugboat equipment, such as the BG-7 quick release towing hook, or other types of quick release towing hooks? Check out this page.

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