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How we select materials for our mooring equipment

It is Wednesday morning, 9 o’clock. A truck enters the Straatman factory site. The driver gets out and reports to the reception. Our receptionist refers him to the unloading dock at the side of the building. The canvas on cargo space of the truck is pushed aside and we see a number of thick steel plates. They are quickly unloaded with our forklifts and immediately labelled with a unique identification number. The journey to become a Quick Release Hook has begun. But getting the steel plates is not just a matter of purchase and delivery. Here you can read how we choose our suppliers.

Our suppliers

Although we produce all mooring equipment in-house, there are still quite a number of semi-finished materials and parts we procure externally. Think of steel, electric motors, bearings, mounting materials, and paint. To make sure that all parts meet Straatman’s high-quality standards, we choose our suppliers very carefully. This often results in a long-term, intensive cooperation.

Quality system

Every supplier of Straatman must have a documented quality system. Such a system identifies the quality of the materials and ensures that all parts can be traced back to the source. The quality is particularly important for the steel plate arriving on this Wednesday morning. The steel may only contain a very small percentage of contamination. By working with Western European manufacturers, we make sure that the steel is always in the upper region of allowable tolerances. We know that our own clients find this very important and we make this process transparent with our database that includes traceability of all used steel plates.

"By working with Western European manufacturers, we make sure
that the steel is always in the upper region of allowable tolerances."

Loyal client

In our experience, it is easy to remain loyal to our suppliers thanks to our strict selection procedures. We are hardly ever disappointed, which is fortunate because it takes a lot of time to select a new supplier. We prefer spending our time making mooring equipment. Do you have any questions about our policy with regard to our suppliers after reading this blog? Then please don’t hesitate to call or email us!

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