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3 x Advantages of Straatman’s solar systems

We started off our solar system solutions around 6 years ago, from the port in Rotterdam (Tweede Maasvlakte). We were working on an assignment for a client and needed power supply for the quick release mooring hooks and capstans. Previously, our client would have applied electricity via cables through the water. However, we knew that these cables are prone to extensive damage as the anchors of passing boats can scrape or break them. As a result, repair costs can increase and tasks are interrupted. Also, placing cables via the seabed is a risk full and expensive operation. To minimize all these risks, our engineers developed a solar system for quick release mooring hooks.

  1. It is the first autonomous power supply for remote marine constructions. It’s a safe alternative because both its design and functioning are not affected by external factors. Using the solar system is therefore, less risky in terms of damage control. Moreover, we can set up explosion-proof solar panels for LNG or Oil & Gas terminals as both our solar systems are ATEX or IECex certified.

  2. The solar system is made out of sustainable materials and resilient components. The materials can withstand a damp or wet environment and have a very long life-time. The system is also better for its surroundings as the solar panels produce power without emitting waste.

  3. Investing in the solar system now, will save you money over the course of its lifetime. Curious as to how much money you can save? Provide us with information on your current power consumption, historic damages on regular systems, financial losses caused by unavailable berths and we can calculate your estimated savings for you.

Our autonomous power systems based on solar technology are innovative solutions for use in combination with quick release mooring hooks and capstans.

To date, our solar systems are implemented and used for various purposes and by a range of port authorities, for instance Rotterdam, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Our latest solar system order is conducted for the port of Terneuzen. Awareness about the sustainability of our solar system is spreading throughout Western Europe.

Quick release mooring hooks powered by solar systems

Additional solar system software

In addition to the solar system, we can supply a web-based software solution to log all data concerning the solar power supply. It provides you with real-data time for safe work conditions and efficient mooring operations by monitoring:

  • Power consumption
  • Malfunctions or other alerts
  • Location or system changes
  • Battery status
  • Capstan usage

Benefits of the solar system software

Real-time performance monitoring helps you operate in the most efficient way possible and allows you to respond to any problems that may arise. It also allows you to collect and analyze the data of a problem that occurs for the first time. The most beneficial advantage is that you can detect underlying technical problems before they have a harmful (and costly!) effect.

Straatman Solar Systems

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