Quick release hook with solar for dredging
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Quick release hooks for mega cutter suction dredger

Sometimes you have a project that makes you aware again of all the possibilities of the products you make. These projects require all your in-house expertise to make the perfect product that meets the customers demand. The project we completed in our factory this week is such a project. 

Quick release hooks with solar hydraulic powerpack for mega cutter suction dredger

Quick Release Hooks with solar hydraulic powerpack

For one of our valued customers in dredging, we designed 2 remote controlled 250-tons Quick release hooks equipped with a solar hydraulic powerpack. The usage of these systems is unique. When deploying their mega cutter suction dredgers they use our remote controlled 250-tons Quick release hooks equipped with a Solar hydraulic powerpack on their left and right anchor line pontoons. The lines are used to move the ship in a left-to-right motion, sweeping their dredging work along the sea- or riverbed.

By using our Solar-Hydraulic powered remote control solution they can safely and remotely disconnect the anchor lines quickly in case of trouble, upcoming storm or when moving to another spot. By adding AIS, nautic light and working lights to the same system they get an all-in-one complete solution for safe deployment and operation of the pontoons during their 24/7 operational work.

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