Draghead with turtle deflector
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Production of draghead with turtle deflector

For one of our dredging customers, we are currently producing a draghead, knife type with movable vizor, adjustable water-inlet over the knives, jet nozzles and turtle deflector. Although we have been making products for the dredging industry since 1965, this is our first draghead with a turtle deflector.

turtle deflector dredging

The turtle deflector is designed to protect sea turtles during hopper dredging projects. When the bottom is dredged throughout sea turtle coastal habitats, there is a potential risk that sea turtles, that are resting on the bottom, are being caught in the dredge draghead. By using a turtle deflector, the turtles are deflected gently from the path of the dredge. This way, the rate of incidental take of sea turtles is reduced.