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Straatman has all kinds of dredging equipment to offer

Straatman is an established manufacturer and supplier and well known in the dredging industry for the quality and reliability of our products. Through the years we developed our dredging equipment program, delivering our products all around the world. We have our own factory in the Netherlands, which keeps the lines short and we can ensure quality of our processes and products. Our enthusiastic and well educated team is committed on every level. Delivering high quality products is our number one priority!

Dredging equipment

The dredging equipment we are best known for are connections between vessel and floating pipeline, known as bow couplings and pinch ball joints. Based on the similar technique we also supply standard Ball-Joints and ball turning glands.

The bow coupling realizes the connection between the ship and floating hose line and consists of a female and male part. The bow coupling is designed for efficient beach and land reclamation. Over the years we delivered more than 170 bow couplings worldwide. Our design has set the standard in the dredging industry.

Bow coupling

A pinch ball joint connects the cutter dredger with the floating pipeline. The great advantage of the pinch ball-joint type is a safe and quick connection / disconnection of a floating pipeline or hose, what is needed in case of upcoming bad weather conditions or changing the floating pipeline/hose configuration.

For dredging with a cutter dredger a turning gland is normally needed. Bases on our ball-design we supply high quality ball turning glands, suitable for the highest pressures needed for modern cutters. Turning glands are designed to allow dredging pipes and their related components to rotate around their axes. As this is even possible under high pressure and heavy conditions, our turning glands ensure safety.

Turning Gland

In short, we can provide you with many products when it comes to dredging equipment, as described before. We entered the dredging market in 1965 and we are here to stay. With our innovative products we try to stay ahead of our competitors and give our customers the best service we can give them. Since 1984 we have delivered over one hundred bow coupling installations all over the world.

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Our well preserved documented archive

Another thing we would like to emphasize is that at Straatman we have an extensive and well-preserved documented archive. Therefore, we can easily deliver spare and wear parts for ages after the ships birth date. If customers need replacement parts, we can easily find the parts and supply them to our customer.

Complicated construction projects

You might not be aware that Straatman can also produce the more complicated construction parts. Below pictures show some of the parts/products we have produced over the last couple of years.

Special dredging equipment

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