Dredging equipment
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Busy days in our factory for dredging equipment

These are busy days for dredging companies! At the moment there are many projects and dredgers deployed around the world, and when the dredgers are doing their hard work at sea they require a lot of new equipment, as can be seen in our factory at the moment.

We are currently working on a number of dredging projects for various customers. To give you an idea, we are currently manufacturing: A bow discharge assembly Ø762 mm, 7 pcs. pinch ball joints Ø762mm, bow coupling ø500 mm, female part for bow coupling ø1000 mm, female part for pinch ball joint ø700 mm and a female part for pinch ball joint ø1000 mm. Recently we delivered a female part of bow coupling ø650 including 90 degrees bend piece wended together.

Dredging equipment - bow coupling

We are proud that all of the top dredging companies worldwide still find their way to Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands for their dredging equipment.

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