Straatman bow discharge assembly installed on Galveston Island
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Bow discharge assembly installed on Galveston Island

Our impressive 25-ton bow discharge assembly recently embarked on a journey from our factory in Zwijndrecht to its destination on the Galveston Island, a new hopper dredger of the esteemed Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company. This assembly, crafted and prepared in our factory in Zwijndrecht, symbolizes our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to the dredging industry.

After meticulous planning and execution, the bow discharge assembly now stands proudly on the Galveston Island, poised to contribute to its operational capabilities. As the dredger prepares for its launch, we anticipate it will be fully operational in the first half of 2023, serving its purpose in marine construction and maintenance projects.

For Straatman, witnessing our product integrated seamlessly into the Galveston Island dredger is a moment of pride and accomplishment. Our assembly shines brightly, ready to fulfill its role in enhancing dredging efficiency and productivity.

Straatman bow discharge assembly installed on Galveston Island

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