Quick Release Towing Hooks
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Where are Straatman's agents located ?

We produce our quick release mooring hooks, dredging equipment, and solar systems for companies all around the world. Our customers are spread out across the globe, and find us via our agents, through existing contacts or via our own website. Our customers vary, from civil engineering companies for docks to large shipping companies. Usually, companies need a quotation prior to registering for a tender. In order for us to deliver a quotation as soon as possible, we ask our customers to provide us with as many details as possible.

Two key attributes of Straatman's product quality 

  1. Every project is custom made. Our basic products are customized and modified according to the specifications and desires of our customers.

  2. We always apply product transparency. In practice, this means that we disclose all details regarding the material that our products contain, including certification information.

Our agents

Our agents are spread out across the globe, namely in the following continents:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America
  • North America
  • Australasia
  • Middle East

Please contact us for details about your local sales representative of Straatman.

2019 deliveries

The continents and countries where we have delivered in 2019:

  • Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Italy, Norway and Poland)
  • Africa (Egypt and Nigeria)
  • Asia (Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia)
  • North America (USA and Panama)
  • South America (Brazil and Peru)
  • Australia (Perth)

Quick Release Mooring Hooks Straatman

How do we transport our product to different countries and continents?

The transport of our products can be arranged in two different ways. Either we take on the transport ourselves by arranging a freight forwarder, one that we have been working with for many years, or the contractor can arrange its own transport from our factory. Our dedicated project managers will assist in the checks and tests at the final destination, to make sure our products are optimally working.

Do you want to know more about our quick release mooring hooks, dredging equipment or solar systems? Contact Straatman to hear more about our solutions. We can deliver and ship anywhere in the world.

Do you want to know more about our services and products?

Please contact us, we will tell you more about it! Fill in your details below. We aim to give you a response within one working day.

Would you prefer to speak to someone directly?

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Straatman head office and factory

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