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What are quick release mooring hooks?

Quick release mooring hooks are devices used in maritime operations to secure vessels to docks, piers, or other structures. They are designed to provide a fast and efficient method for mooring and releasing vessels, particularly in situations where quick turnaround times are critical, such as in ports with high traffic or in emergency situations.

Quick release mooring hooks or quick release hooks play a significant role in modern maritime operations by streamlining the mooring process and enhancing efficiency and safety in port environments. They are able to quickly disconnect a tanker or vessel’s mooring lines in case of an emergency. This release can be done both manually and via remote control. Our quick release mooring hooks can safely handle workloads varying from 40 to 200 metric tons. The quick release hooks can be applied for oil berths, LNG Terminals, grain terminals, and mooring buoys, amongst other types of jetties and terminals.

Quick release mooring hooks

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