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How does communication from the Smart Bollard to the online platform work?

With the Smart Bollard, safety can be monitored in real-time, with the data being transmitted via an Ethernet cable or wireless connection. The actual data will be available for the port authority, terminal operator or the vessel operator and is presented in graphic and digital formats.

The Smart Bollard data is processed in the Straatman MoorControl software. This software is available in the cloud, accessible with every common browser. A dashboard provides all the necessary information to fully utilise the capabilities of the Smart Bollard. The following data is displayed and logged for future analysis:
1)   Load on bollard
2)   Line direction
3)   Line angle
4)   Tide level
5)   Weather data
6)   Vessel history (AIS data)
With a user friendly interface, the administrator of the system can easily add users and set alarms. With the provided API, all data can be accessed and imported into other systems, such as the Port Management System.

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