Berthing Aid System Pengerang
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Completed order Quick Release Hooks and Berthing Aid System for Pengerang

This week we successfully completed an internal FAT of a Phase 3 jetty system to be installed at a huge bunkering port, situated in the Malaysian Pengerang area.

Quick Release Hooks Pengerang

Quick Release Mooring Hooks and Berthing Aid System

The testing included Quick Release Mooring Hooks equipped with 15 kW capstans and manual/remote release functions. One jetty has mooring load monitoring (MLM), infrared laser based ship berthing aid (BAS) and environmental sensors (EMS).

Communication between the different entities is realised by means of ETHERNET/LAN which assures superfast communication between the data acquisition units and the main control room which is located at a distance of 3 km. A main advantage of using this ETHERNET system is the possibility of remote access via 4G or internet communication between our office and the site for trouble shooting and application software update.

The complete package is scheduled to be shipped tomorrow with site commissioning to happen towards the end of this year. 

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