Portable Pilot Units (PPU)

Navicom Dynamics Portable Pilot Units (PPU)

Straatman is an official reseller of the products of Navicom Dynamics. With this product range we offer a quality extension to our own manufactured product portfolio. Navicom Dynamics is a specialist in Portable Pilot Units (PPU). These systems are designed for use by maritime pilots for ports, inland water ways and for use by mooring masters for offshore oil and gas applications. The Portable Pilot Unit systems enhance safety, significantly boost work efficiency and facilitate accurate decision making.


ChannelPilot is a single antenna PPU system which is free of the Pilot Plug. It features an independent multi GNSS (mGNSS) receiver inside it which provides excellent position information that is SBAS corrected (to <1m – where available).

It offers a combination of independent mGNSS positioning and a highly accurate rate-of- turn (ROT) with semi-independent heading (HDG) data. ChannelPilot also offers excellent independent AIS target reception. It is quick to set-up with ease of use and a wireless operation.

Navigational, AIS and battery information data is sent over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth link to the display laptop running a compatible charting program. The result is you have very good quality information to create a scale image of the vessel on the chart on the display. It is perfectly suited for narrow channel navigation with tight turns and even supports some docking and berthing applications. This is the PPU of choice where independence from the Pilot Plug is sought.

This product also has a specialised RTK variant where position accuracy requirements are less than 2.5cm.

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Harbour Pilot Navicom Straatman


ShuttlePilot is designed to assist pilots in the process of monitoring the berthing of offload tankers to an FPSO/FSO/SBM. The system gives accurate and real-time information of relative positioning and complete awareness of the dynamics of both vessels during the approach.

With ShuttlePilot, the efficiency and safety of oil and gas operations can be significantly boosted.

In addition to its primary navigation function, ShuttlePilot also offers a host of additional options to augment robustness and safety of operations. This makes it customisable to user requirements, to a large extent. Functions like Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Riser monitoring, Pumping, Hawser Tension monitoring and a number of customisable warnings & alarms allow the pilot to have better control of the entire process, remotely from the tanker.

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ShuttlePilot in use

GyroPilot and GyroPilot Plus

GyroPilot V3 is a Pilot Plug based PPU, which interfaces with the ship’s AIS Pilot Plug.  It has the effect of passing on the AIS data, while adding two things to it, namely, improved and smoothed heading data, and accurate Rate of Turn data, something almost never available from the ship’s Pilot Plug. It wirelessly transmits this data to the laptop or tablet running software and charts. This way, precise and stable information is available which is needed to support many types of basic maneuvers. GyroPilot is easy to set up and operate. It is a great solution for mariners looking for a compact, robust and reliable Portable Pilot Unit that doesn't need to be fully independent of the ships information.

Gyropilot Plus is an add on to the Gyropilot V3 during operations where independent position is required. It can also be used independtly as a position sensor.

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GyroPilot and GyroPilot Plus

HarbourPilot Lightweight

HarbourPilot Lightweight is a dual antenna system which offers completely independent mGNSS position. Position can be augmented using dGPS, SBAS, Atlas corrections or ground based infrastructure like RTK. Depending on requirements, position can be accurate up to sub cm levels.

The dual antenna set-up allows calculation of very accurate Heading (HDG) information which is invaluable for manoeuvres such as docking and berthing. Accurate Rate-of-Turn which is fully independent is added from the gyro in the HarbourPilot Lightweight.

Over Wi-Fi and/or BT, this information is sent to the display (tablet/laptop) running the piloting software. This gives the user a very stable and accurate image of the vessel on-screen. The tool is of great value for all piloting conditions and challenges including low visibility, rough weather and restricted navigation and docking.

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Harbour Pilot Lightweight

HarbourPilot Triton

HarbourPilot Triton is Navicom’s flagship system and the ultimate in Portable Pilot Unit technology.

It is a high precision, ruggedised, dual antenna system with full mGNSS with L1 and L2 bands. L2 activation greatly improves performance and functionality. This gives it much more data to work with hence improving accuracy and reliability.

Fully independent and accurate ROT is added from the gyro. HarbourPilot Triton allows for a quick set-up by placing the antennas at any separation. It acquires heading quickly and provides stable data to the users ECS to support any vessel handling manouevre. It also supports some oil and gas applications.

It is customizable and also has the option to add AIS for maximum situational awareness.

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The Liberty Dawn arriving at Port Santos using ChannelPilot

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