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Remote monitored solar systems & generators

Using Solar Systems to Power Mooring Hooks

Straatman designs and manufactures mooring solutions for various applications and projects worldwide. Quick release mooring hooks enable mooring lines to be safely secured to a vessel, and quickly and easily released. In 2013 we upgraded our mooring hooks by integrating remotely monitored solar systems. The energy provided by the solar system is available 24/7, even on cloudy days. This makes our quick release mooring hooks sustainable and completely autonomous.

Remote Accessibility of Real-time Data

Another innovative addition to our quick release mooring hooks is the integration of a remotely accessible dashboard developed by FactoryLab. This intuitive user interface provides real-time data that contributes to safer working conditions and more efficient mooring operations. This includes information about power consumption, battery status and capstan usage. The dashboard is powered by the integrated solar system and generator, which makes it a low-cost and sustainable solution.

ATEX Certified and Continuous Improvement

Meeting the highest safety and industry standards is our utmost priority. All our solar systems and generators can therefore be ATEX certified, making them suitable for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. Aside from meeting industry standards, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. We achieve this by using innovative materials, integrating the latest technologies, and providing custom-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers worldwide.

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